Sidas World Foundation

  • Our desire to take concrete action for the planet has led to the creation of the Sidas World Foundation. All committed to acting now, we support sustainable development through ambitious projects.

    In the face of the climate emergency, it is clear that minimising our carbon emissions is not enough. Today, we have decided to go one step further.
    At Sidas, we have chosen to invest in carbon sinks. Among the most important carbon sinks in the world are forests, oceans and peatlands.

  • Participating in the preservation and rehabilitation of natural ecosystems such as forests is the raison d'être of the Sidas World Foundation. We do this by supporting structures that act sustainably in favour of the good management and preservation of these forests.

    We also wish to participate in the resilience of our local economy, by choosing to work mainly with actors present in the territory where we are based. We also want to act locally as close as possible to our subsidiaries.