• Solutions for your foot

    My foot is unique

    Your foot has its own morphology (size, volume, shape). Has your foot already complained? Maybe not... but you have. (ouch, a sprain!!!) We often hear of feet described as normal, hollow or flat. There is however a whole range of combinations of size, volume and shape. Each foot leaves a footprint that is absolutely the only one of its kind in the world.

    Sidas technologies meet the needs of every foot and personalize your footwear for your comfort and performance.

  • GEL

    "Dynamic cushioning gel concept" developed by Sidas: a network of gel microbubbles placed in the impact zone is gradually deformed with the impact, thus providing an exceptional dynamic cushion.

  • 3D

    Insoles and 3D sandals that are pre-shaped and provide the ultimate in comfort thanks to their 3D design. This form supports the foot and aligns the body, giving optimum stability and comfort.

  • 3FEET®

    Feet differ in three main ways; their shape, movement and pressure. Despite these differences, they can generally be grouped into three categories, each with their own distinct needs: High arch feet - Mid arch feet - Low arch feet. The biomechanical construction of the 3Feet® range is therefore adapted to three different types of arches.


    The Flashfit™ technology allows 75% customization of your insoles in only a few minutes. The bootfitter heats a pre-shaped insole and fits it to your foot in less than 5 minutes. Only part of the insole can be fully customized to your foot, the other preshaped part remains unchanged when heated. With Flashfit™ insoles, you have more power, control and comfort.


    The Custom technology offers complete customisation of your insoles. With a flat insole, the bootfitter heats the insoles and then moulds them. When it is placed on your footprint, the Custom insoles hugs the shape of your feet for the highest levels of comfort and support.